Come join YO Bandigo and have some Jammin’ Good Fridays! - First Friday of the month

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Yo Bandigo is an inclusive and welcoming space for all emerging young musos aged between 12 and 25 to get together and play.

About Event

After YO Bendigo’s triumph at the Jam Sandwiches, the YO Events Team decided that Bendigo needs time for bands to form and practice before performing at events like the Jam Sandwich. 

Thus was born, YO Bandigo, and we need YO to Band-igo together with us! 

Music experience optional! Bring yourself, a friendly attitude and an open mind. That means people of all skill levels, instrument types and genre interests are welcome to come along. It’s a great way to meet new friends and bandmates, potentially creating a whole new amazing band! 

There will be a drum kit and amps available for you to use, bring along any other instruments you’re keen to play. 

Could one of the new band members be you?

Come join the Jam Band anytime! It's a relaxed environment with great chances for socialising with others.

YO Bandigo runs on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month.

Workshop focus each week requires no prior knowledge and will be repeated at future sessions:

  • 16/06/23 Foot in the door (How to get booked & booked again)
  • 07/07/23 Can you hear it? (Live sound tech skills)
  • 21/07/23 Keep an ear out (Listening to your bandmates)
  • 04/08/23 Thoughts on paper (Songwriting 101 (APRA & Publishing)
  • 18/08/23 Standing in the spotlight! (Managing stage presence)
  • 01/09/23 It's got flow (Writing your setlist)
  • 15/09/23 Play it through (Set rehearsal for BandiGLOW)
  • 06/10/23 Songbirds (Y'all are gonna sing)
  • 20/10/23 The look. The feel. The vibe (Branding)
  • 03/11/23 Money Money Money (What to charge and how to spend it)
  • 17/11/23 On the record (Media Training)
  • 01/12/23 Play it though (Set rehearsal for Pop-up Pride)
  • 02/11/23 POP UP PRIDE SET
  • 15/12/23 End of year Jam (Party)

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