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George Sumner, Bendigo Community Garden Cooperative
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Increase Awareness of Your Club or Group

List your club or group on Connect Greater Bendigo to raise awareness within the local community.


Connect with New Members and Volunteers

Reach a wide audience of Greater Bendigo locals so you can connect with new members and volunteers


Promote Your Events and Activities

Maximise attendance at events and activities by listing them on Connect Greater Bendigo - free of charge.


Make it Easy for People to Get in Contact With You

Appearing in a community directory makes it easier for people to find and contact your club or group.

Is your club or group eligible to be listed?

Connect Greater Bendigo is a one-stop digital community hub for local groups, events, services and organisations. We welcome participation from a wide range of eligible groups and clubs within the wider Bendigo community.

Your club or group can be listed if:

It operates or takes place in the City of Greater Bendigo
It is a community group, not-for-profit organisation, health service, or education provider
Its activities are deemed non-discriminatory and legal

Organisation Registration

To register on Connect Greater Bendigo, please complete the form and submit your registration.

You will be emailed an activation link to validate your account. Once complete, you can start posting to clubs, groups and events.

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Please select the most relevant category for your organisation. This helps us with validation of your listings. Not Publicly listed.
Search and select your organisation's primary location from our database. Not publicly listed.
Name the organisation that you are registering on behalf of. This organisation will be responsible for all clubs, groups, and events listed on Connect Greater Bendigo under this account. Not publicly listed.
Please provide your ABN/ACN if possible. This will assist with validating your account. Not publicly listed.
Please confirm that you are authorised to represent your organisation and publish information relating to your clubs/groups and events.
Please confirm your acceptance of the Connect Greater Bendigo website terms and conditions. Click here to read full terms.

What’s next? You will be emailed an account activation link. Click the link to validate your account. You will then be able to access the organisation dashboard to start posting clubs/groups and events.

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