How to recruit for volunteers

Need volunteers? Make the most of what CONNECT can offer

Do you need volunteers for your club, group or not-for-profit?

When you log in you will go straight to your dashboard page, if you have already created your page for your club/group, click on edit,  simply click on 'edit' and follow the instructions below.

If you haven't created the information yet click on  'Add a club or group' which will allow you to enter all your club, group or organisations details. When completing the information to ensure people find your information when searching for volunteer opportunities, you need to ensure the following:

- when you reach the section called "tags" please enter a tag for volunteering i.e. volunteer, volunteer opportunities etc.

- when you reach the section titled Group Opportunities, you will see that 'volunteer' is an option, please select this


- When you reach assests and Equipment/Skills capabilities section, under skills capabilities select 'volunteer opportunities'

Want to do a volunteer recruitment drive?

The best option is to create an event, on your dashboard click on 'add event', the page will open for you to create your event. In the title it will be more identifiable if you use a heading that includes volunteer recruitment or something similar. In the details section list what opportunities are available, how to make contact and provide as much information as possible and the dates the recruitment for volunteers will take place.


Jun 24, 2022