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Women's Health

Bendigo Community Health Services supports the health and wellbeing of women across all age groups through our Women's Health Clinic.

About Us

Our Women’s Health Clinic is staffed by a female general practitioner and nurses.

The clinic specialises in the health and wellbeing of women, with a focus on:

  • understanding puberty
  • common issues with periods
  • contraception options
  • fertility information
  • pregnancy tests
  • early pregnancy care and referral to maternity hospitals
  • unplanned pregnancy counselling and support
  • sexually transmissible infection risk assessment, testing and treatment
  • cervical cancer screening – pap tests
  • breast health and breast checks
  • bowel cancer screening
  • emotional and physical issues of menopause; assessment and testing and support
  • menopause
  • managing life as an older woman
  • women’s health education sessions

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