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WELBY Holistic Healing emerged as a one-of-a kind wellbeing practice that truly combines Eastern and Western concepts in Bendigo and Central Victoria. The only clinic dedicates to craniofacial (facial pain, facial nerves dysfunction e.g. Bell's Palsy, Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, jaw (TMJ) pain/ dysfunction) treatment in regional Victoria, Australia.

About Us

WELBY Holistic Healing emerged as a one-of-a kind wellbeing practice that truly combines Eastern and Western concepts in Bendigo and Central Victoria.

From traditionally proven exercise therapies to modern scientific treatment methods, WELBY Holistic Healing offers you holistic approach for your wellbeing with tai chi, qigong, kung fu, physiotherapy and cosmetic facial acupuncture to assist you in achieving your optimal wellness.

Our Values & Focuses:

WELBY Holistic Healing

  • believes you have the right to knowledge and understanding of your own body.

  •  provides effective and comprehensive physiotherapy service with a specific focus on facial pain, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, Bell’s palsy and facial neuropathy.

  • provides more thorough assessment and more comprehensive treatment than regular physiotherapy sessions. 

  • offers you a unique organic facial rejuvenation experience with treatment that combines ancient proven wisdom of traditional Thai and Chinese anti-aging medicine.

  • ensure anyone can practise and benefit from tai chi according to your capacity, one step at a time regardless of your age or fitness level at WELBY Holistic Healing.

  • only incorporates qigong exercise scientifically into our program with your health benefits being the main focus.

  • specialises in teaching kung fu classes to people with pre-existing injuries as well as anyone from any age group regardless of physical capacities. 

WELBY Holistic Healing Bendigo endeavours to empower your personal journey of injury prevention, recovery and healing. Together we work and focus on your wellbeing, long-term health maintenance and quality of life, with lots of fun and laughter.

After all as much as it is cliché, laughter truly is the best and sweetest medicine for our body and mind.

About Master Raymond Lee

BPhty, DipDNMyofTh, Grad Dip ManipTh, Accredited Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist, Accredited FFT® Practitioner, CKTP®, 6th Duan Wushu/ Tai Chi (Chinese Wushu Association) 

Raymond Lee is currently the only physiotherapist teaching tai chi, qigong and kung fu, awarded 6th Duan (in tai chi and wushu) and certified by the Chinese Wushu Association internationally.

Raymond is a physiotherapist who has been practising in Bendigo since 2007. He has extensive postgraduate training in Oriental therapy, neuromusculoskeletal therapy and exercise medicine. He has been using tai chi/qigong, yoga and pilates as part of his clinical management since 2001.  In 2018 Raymond’s contribution and dedication to building a better community through wellness and martial arts are recognised by his international peers; he is inducted into International Action Martial Arts Hall of Honour for 1) Master of the Year and 2) Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts.

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