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Learn to Dance Ballroom, Latin American, New Vogue/Sequence Dancing, Medal dance awards, Dancesport, Wedding/Bridal dance, Debutantes, Private lessons, Street Latin, Ladies Class & Zumba. Fun for all! Friendly trained Instructors. Suitable for Beginners. Everyone can learn to dance! The hardest step is walking in the door!

About Us

Learn to dance in Bendigo in an exciting atmosphere! Our focus is on quality instruction in a relaxed environment where everyone can not only learn to dance and love to dance, but to receive all the healthy benefits of dancing!

Social dancing today is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. It is enjoyed in every country, by people
of all ages. Good dancers are always in demand; they have an asset in making new friends and generally
improving their social dancing. Dancing is healthfully stimulating, both mentally and physically. The cares
and frustrations of the workaday world seem to vanish on the dance floor. Age is no barrier. We have students
from the age of 16 up to 84!

In this technology era, most of us need to get more exercise. Why not dance?
Perhaps the best reason to learn to dance is that it’s FUN! Most people have a great time on the dance floor,
and there’s no reason in the world you can’t join them.

If you can Walk, if you can count to four, if you can tell the difference between fast and slow, then
you can learn how to dance.

Robert Denton- Owner/Instructor- "My goals in dancing are to help introduce/teach the people of Bendigo and beyond how to Ballroom dance and understand the benefits, to continue my dance accreditation to examiner and adjudicator level".

Sil Leggerini- Owner/Instructor- " I love all that dance brings to my life. Friendship, travel, fitness, challenges, opportunity and the chance to be free in the moment with the music. Come see me and ask me about my dance journey anytime".


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