Selecting the images that tell the story you want

Not all pictures are worth a thousand words

Images of your organisation at work, or at play, allows the viewer an insight into what it’s like to be a member.

That’s because good pictures are great storytellers.

It’s very likely you already have a stock of awesome photos floating around on your socials.

Here’s a few tips on what are likely to be the best to use on CONNECT Greater Bendigo.


  1. Quality makes a difference

Select only high resolution photos in optimal file sizes. They will look professional and have an optimal loading time.


  1. People equals connection

Photos featuring people instantly creates an emotional bond for the viewer. In this case, the people would be your members, preferably doing what they do best.


  1. Forget the staging

A big group of people standing and smiling at a camera is a lot less appealing than an image of someone doing something. They could be teaching a skill, or in action on the sports field.


  1. Give viewers a sneak peek

We are all interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes. So show off the connections that already exist in your organisation. Think about including a picture of a half-time huddle, or of members laughing and chatting while having a cup of tea.



Feb 01, 2021