Peter Doherty in Conversation


Go behind the scenes of the race to control the pandemic, with Prof Peter Doherty in conversation with Campus Director Dr Julie Rudner.

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Way back last century, when only immunology researchers such as Peter Doherty had the faintest idea of how a viral pandemic could occur, this Australian scientist shared the Nobel Medicine Prize and was the 1997 Australian of the Year.


That all changed in early 2020, and Professor Peter Doherty was back at the forefront of working on what needed to be done to control Covid-19.


In An Insider's Plague Year, Peter Doherty recounts his response to the pandemic as it developed from January 2020-February 2021. How did health experts deal with the complex medical issues facing the entire world? What helped, what hindered the science? What’s ahead now?

In his wonderfully conversational style, in books such as The Knowledge Wars and The Incidental Tourist, Peter Doherty has helped us find a way through the maze of misinformation. Now, he takes us behind the scenes of the race to control the pandemic to show us once again the importance of research and science.

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